….barking dogs and other natural noise makers unite, you keep us in touch with nature. On Kauai we live so close to mother earth it should be our major tourist attraction.

Everywhere you go you see them: mother hens with a surplus of baby chicks waiting for a green light. They wait at cross walks for someone to follow across an intersection. They stand in groups on green grassy islands in the stream watching the cars go by and wonder where everyone is going. So fast. Such a large flock of real noisemakers.

I wonder about people who prefer the grinding gurgles and growls that metal, non- living critters with four wheels instead of two legs and hard shiny stiff stuff instead of fluffy, colorful feathers.  Kauai’s wild chickens are some of the most beautiful birds on the planet. Their plumage- white and black and brown and yellow and red-is an artist’s dream. What I love most about Hanapepe-other than Talk Story Book Store and the magnificent Storybook Theater of Hawaii and the Friday night people parties- are the roosters who seem to own the place. They strut around like celebrities showing off their stuff.

Hanapepe is still old Hawaii. A quiet two lane street surrounded by gift shops, restaurants, art galleries and living things of all dimension. Some times you even see healthy happy canines meandering. I think they have a radar sense alert for the rare four-wheeled, shiny stiff stuff wagon- with driver- who would round them up and send them to jail, but I’ll bet there are few who live in Hanapepe who would call the authorities.

Thankfully, also, the  ‘jail’ they’re rarely sent to is a gorgeous place full of gorgeous people. That’s Kauai, too.

In my neck of the woods we have several feral pigs families- mamas, papas and babies-who sniffle around at night. They know this territory like no one else on earth and they are fearless. Harmless. Jovial. They cross the street when they have to, but mostly they live and love the jungle about which I’m surrounded. I see their tracks. Once a baby piglet-in broad daylight- walked right in the house and ‘snuffled’ hello. I think he was looking for a handout. Great smells were coming from a friendly Kamado Kub grill. His mother called and he took leave, but we half expect him back.

Down here we have goats that bleat and sometimes run away from home. With half the neighborhood in full pursuit. Bulls bellow, cows moo, calves answer softly. Bees hum and buzz and doves coo. A raucous macaw indulges in screamers and my grown up puppy barks. We live in belle air Kauai. No toxic sprays for us.

So, someday, if you want an earful, drop in for a visit. Wear boots, bring your own pitchfork, make sure you’ve had all your puppy shots and enjoy. Enjoy.

Until then don’t stop to smell the flowers, be still and know that thou art part of nature, too.


2 Responses

  1. I really enjoy the new positive Bettejo! Another great article for your column!


  2. What a wonderful piece to start my day with. It sounds like heaven.


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