The year 2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse.

“People who are born under the year of the horse are known for their ingenious communication skills. They are clever , not afraid  to venture in their careers and kind to others. Cheerful and perceptive, the Horse people are talented and witty. They are earthy but also stubborn and know how to work the crowd.”

And that ain’t all…

“Popularity is another asset, just as the horse is a universally loved animal. They have cheerful dispositions, possess a gregarious nature, have financially sound minds, and handle money matters well.

Wise, talented and quick in all their undertakings, they are independent and spirited individuals who despise advice Blood runs hot in their veins and they are quick to anger.”

Those born on the years 1906- 1918-1930- 1942-1954-1966-1978-1990-2002-2014 are horse guys.

Please excuse all us horse people for a moment as we go out for a walk, six feet in the air, bare toes  touching not the ground.

There are  12 mascots in China to represent every 12 years. They are rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Horse and sheep as a group represent courage and gentleness, the implied meaning is to march forward courageously, adapting to the surrounding environment harmoniously.

Oddly enough, every time I pass the rich green sheep pasture on the drive to Koloa I want to stop and bring home a lamb.

More: bad luck is going to be rare for us.

My gallent  heart is thumping. I need a glass of Chardonnay, iced. ‘For breakfast, Bettejo?”

There’s more. Holy moly. Leos’-I’m a Leo-careers will flourish and money-making potential is going to be successful.

As the most devoutly out spoken non believer on Kauai, I can just hear  the titters. “See I told you non believers have secret  silly beliefs just like us.”

I love the ‘just like us’ part, so I’m gonna  have a sliver  of scrumptious aromtic pumpkin pie with my wine for breakfast.  Join me?

But wait! Alas. The year of the horse won’t start until 14:04 PM, Feb. 3 Pacific Standard time. The first day of spring. Imbolc. Got it!  Okay. I’ll try to have my two new books-that means three in all-The Scam, Children of the Extinction and my collected bettejo columns, all 200 of them-on the market in February. I’ll have a grand book signing at Birdie’s darling restaurant at the Kukiolono Golf Course and Hanapepe Talk Story Book Store some time that month. You’re all invited.

Now that I’ve indulged my dreamiest, make-believe and let’s pretend mind-set to an extreme, I’ll try to get my feet back on the ground, not splashing   a drop of wine or spilling a crumb of pumpkin pie. My heart will stop thumping, I’ll sit in a chair, rest and take a breath. and let this wonderful new fantasy take root.  It will flourish in the dappled sunlight of my sweet-scented barn/jungle house. It will blossom. The impossible dream flower.

Come on, all you horse guys, join me. Happy 2014.


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