I like the sound of pixie best but  really don’t know much about them. Went searching, found this, first crack out of the box, and it balanced my Obituary in the paper that morning…

The Pixie knows no sorrow, the Pixie feels no fear,

She takes no care for trouble but loves a mug of beer;

Age lays no finger on her, the reaper trots on by

The Pixie, she who changes not, does not grow old or die.

That was a stanza from a poem written by a late 19th century poet, Nora Chesson. I changed it a bit and fell in love.

Found out  pixies are drawn to horses;  and horse to them, I’m sure. They like to ride unbroken colts and make tangles of their manes. My jungle must be full of them, Ari wakes up ever morning with a mane so tangled I despair. I have to use a special horse shampoo that untangles the tangles. His tail gets tangled, too, but nothing I read said anything about them making tangles in horse’s tails and he’s not exactly a colt at the ripe old age of 90, but he thinks he is. Maybe he fooled them.

I understand pixies  are still taken pretty seriously in South-west England and in some areas are actually believed to be real. I have no idea how they got to Kauai but if when I see one, I’ll ask. They are also, say some, racial remnants of Pictish tribes and, if you saw the new film ARTHUR, you would have learned  this was the tribe that helped Arthur run the Romans out of England.  Guenevere was actually a great Pictish warrior who Arthur fell in love with and married.  Her tribe was the one that  painted themselves blue. (Maybe that’s why I love blue? Thinking of my blue sweats, my floppy and my big bug blue sun glasses.)  They were also matriarchal.  It seems there is no proven connection between pixies and Picts and Arthur, but I think I’ll just believe there is ’cause that’s what I want to do. My roots are Irish, Scottish and Welsh and my husband, who was also irish-and Jewish-swore I was fey.  Don’t you just love that word? Fey: having brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic. Wow! I’m in way over my head. What fun.

As everyone knows I am a devout non believer but I think if I were to ‘believe’ in anything, I’d believe in pixies. Here’s some more stuff. They have a taste for bits of finery but run around often ill-clothed or naked. That’s nice.

They were quite small, loved music and dancing and nature and sought husbands among humans.  They are uncommonly beautiful…

I’m going to cut this short. I think I just saw one swinging on a branch in a tree on the bank outside. I’ll be back tomorrow unless I’m not…

“Pixie, here, pixie…”


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